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Books by Michael Kahn

These are other books we recommend.

Michael's most popular, now in its second edition.
All the "two-pagers" and more.
Michael's latest book, coming out soon. The first and the best. A lot of our style starts here.
Our early mentor.
Another good teacher.
Just for fun but it's relevant

Real World Technical Analysis

Real World Technical Analysis

Michael N. Kahn

Buy from CRB Publishing

Educational Presentations

The first two shows require free registration at MoneyShow.com.
The Spirit of Technical Analysis
Figuring out What to Do and Not Making Forecasts.
A free 45 minute video from the February 2006 Traders Expo.
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Technical Analysis in Action
The process of the analysis with the goal being making the buy, sell or hold decision and not predicting the market
This 2 hour presentation is $99.00 recorded July 2006 payable online to the Money Show. No money goes to Michael Kahn Research LLC or any of its employees.
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Dallas Business Radio interviews Michael Kahn
The very basics of charts for beginning chart readers.
A 10-minute interview on BizRadio chatting abouut the basics of charts, why we use them, what they can mean and what kind of skills are needed to follow them. Nothing high level. Plus a few words about Michael's book. Click these links for mp3 audio: Interview part 1 Interview part 2