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Real World Technical Analysis

by Michael Kahn

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This book contains technical analysis studies and techniques in a simple two-page format. Each contains formulas, parameters, typical useage and a chart example.

Real World Technical Analysis was compiled from the monthly newsletter called Tips on Technicals and its name reflects an attitude of following the spirit of the analysis rather than the definition of the analysis. In other words, real chart patterns rarely follow their idealized text book counterparts and it pays to know when to be flexible in interpretation to better capture the message of the market.

Real World Technical Analysis This 143-page book, printed on full size 8.5" x 11" pages to provide large, easy-to-see graphics and charts.

Section One contains detailed descriptions of 42 technical indicators, including all of today's most popular studies and some not-so-common ones.

Section Two includes 20 favorite analytical techniques, plainly detailed so that both novice and professional traders alike can quickly grasp these concepts. Some of these techniques are published for the first time in Real World Technical Analysis.

If you are new analyst or are a seasoned technician this book will not only prove to be an often-used reference guide, but also the source of fresh new analytical techniques.

  • Andrew's Pitchfork
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Bar Chart Patterns
    • Support and Resistance
    • Continuation Patterns
    • Reversal Patterns
    • Divergence
  • Candlestick Charts
    • Reversal Indicators
    • Continuation Indicators
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • Cumulative Sum
  • Cumulative Volume
  • Cycles
  • Departure
  • Directional Movement Index
  • Directional Movement System
  • Elliott Wave
    • Impulse Waves
    • Corrective Waves
  • Expired Futures
  • Fan Lines
  • Fibonacci Retracements
  • Gann Analysis
  • Gaps
  • Logarithmic Scaling
  • MACD
  • Market Profile©
  • Momentum
  • Money Flow
  • Moving Averages
  • Open Interest
  • Overlay
  • Parabolic Time/Price System
  • Pivot Points
  • Point and Figure
  • Price-Volume Histogram
  • Rate of Change
  • Ratio
  • Relative Ratio
  • Relative Strength
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Speed Lines
  • Spreads
    • Basis Spreads
    • Calendar Spreads
    • Processing Spreads
  • Stochastics
  • Trend Lines
  • Volatility (Historical)
  • Volume
  • Williams %R
  • Yield Curve
  • Support Becomes Resistance
  • Measuring the Move
  • Divergence
  • Success from Failure
  • Know Your Indicator
  • Trend Breaks in Studies
  • Let the Market Talk
  • Corrections in Perspective
  • Theme and Variation
  • Technician's License
  • Cup with Handle
  • Dealing with Night Trading
  • Invalidating a Trend Line
  • Less is More
  • Sentiment Indicators
  • Intermarket Analysis
  • The Real World
  • Low Risk Trading
  • Pulling the Trigger
  • When to Stay Out

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