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Quick Takes Pro - your own technical research department!

Quick Takes Pro was named for its fast read and easily understood analyses. You won’t have to figure out what the analyst is saying – it should be that clear. No arcane jargon or long winded justification. What Quick Takes Pro tries to do first is answer the question of whether to trade at all.

The Subscribers’ Corner – as close to personal trade consulting as it gets

Not only do Quick Takes Pro subscribers get top-notch daily market analysis but they have unparalleled access to the analysts. Private portfolio consulting can range from $60-100 per hour.

For individuals, Quick Takes Pro is your source for professional market analysis, trading ideas and continuing education.

For institutions and trading desks, Quick Takes Pro functions as your own technical research department, offering ideas, strategies and sector rotation analysis.

Bonus -Technical indicator and technique write-ups included!

Two-page tear sheets on most indicators and topics are made available, as needed, to more fully explain the tools that are used in any given analysis.

But no matter what kind of trader or investor you are, we will be there as your mentor, answering your questions and standing behind you as you learn.

Market chatter

We write only as much as is needed to convey a point. When there is something to say, we say it. When there is not, we don’t. We won’t waste your time just to prove how smart we think we are.

Themes and Indicators

Bullet points on current sector and style themes in the market plus breadth, momentum and trend indicators.

Index Chart of the Day

A daily look at one or more major indices with commentary and analysis.

The Radar Screen

Here, we keep tabs on pattern setups, both long and short, with daily updates as needed. If something looks like it might be ready to move, we watch it here.

Sector Watch

Quick looks at sector charts with notes on what we are watching.

Market Highlights

Charts of whatever is interesting or important, from sector indices, foreign markets, ETFs, sector action, stock pattern setups and more.

The Big Picture

Charts of whatever is interesting or important, from sector indices to individual stock pattern setups, ETFs, breadth indicators, sentiment and more.

Today’s Lesson

A periodic look at topics in technical analysis in real time, not textbook time.

Advice Tracker

A list of recently triggered stock trades with P/L and stops. When positions are closed out the move the web so subscribers can keep track on how we are doing.

Subscriber Corner

Consider this your own semi-private consulting advisor. All subscriber questions are answered covering including specific stock, bond, commodity and currency. See what others are seeing for even more trading ideas.

I'm a happy subscriber and spreading the word to others! "


Your analyses ranged from excellent to uncanny


The "subscribers corner" feature is the best part of your service--and is definitely worth the "price of admission."

– B.B

Big fan of your column and newsletter

– J.W

Great newsletter, it's the first email I open every day.

– A.M.

About Michael Kahn, editor of Quick Takes Pro

Michael Kahn has been working with charts and technical analysis since 1986 and currently writes the bi-weekly “Getting Technical” column for Barron's Online. He was formerly Chief Technical Analyst for BridgeNews and a regular on such financial programs as PBS’ Nightly Business Report, Yahoo Finance Vision and WebFN.

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